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Chapter Ministries happen through brothers and sisters like you. While many Greeks may not go to church or other Christian gatherings, they will have conversations about faith or attend a Bible Study led one of their brothers or sisters who they know and love.

It only takes one person to make an impact. If just one person started a Chapter Ministry in your fraternity or sorority, then every one of your brothers and sisters would be just one friend away from Jesus. Why can’t that friend be you?

What's a Chapter Ministry?

What Students Are Saying…

Greek InterVarsity Bible study enabled us to foster a safe community in our chapter that we didn't have before!


Delta Gamma, LSU

As a leader, I feel like I'm getting so much out of this myself! I love that we can apply scripture to our lives as Greeks.


Phi Mu, LSU

I feel so changed through this. I'm reading the Bible now like I never have before!


Pi Beta Phi, LSU

For over 25 years, Greek InterVarsity has had a vital presence on hundreds of campuses nationwide. We're a non-denominational ministry created by Greeks, for Greeks. Until 2018, there was no Greek InterVarsity in Louisiana, but over the last 2 years, students have started leading Chapter Ministries at LSU, Southeastern and UL Lafayette.

Are you part of an NPHC or MGC Greek chapter? We'd love to have you lead with us! We recognize every Greek council's experience is unique. Even though our current membership draws from IFC and Panhellenic, we want to invite NPHC and MGC councils to join us! You're also welcome to lead with InterVarsity's multiethnic, Black student, and HBCU ministries. Whatever you choose, we're excited to help you grow with InterVarsity. Apply here and we can help you find the best spot.

What is Greek InterVarsity?

How does it work?

If the idea of leading a Chapter Ministry excites you and, at the same time, freaks you out, you’re not alone. We'll teach you how to lead the Bible Study in a Box, an all-in-one Bible study resource for Greeks. Leaders will get...
  • Your own Bible Study in a Box with leaders guide, scripture printouts and more.
  • Lead 101 training to equip you with the essential skills you'll need to be a spiritual leader in your chapter.
  • Weekly online prep sessions with fellow Greek Bible Study leaders.
  • Regular one-on-one coaching with Greek IV staff to sharpen your skills and deepen your walk with Jesus.
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How do I lead a chapter Bible study during COVID?

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My name is Kristina Crosetto and I'm the Director of Greek InterVarsity Louisiana. I would love to share more about Greek InterVarsity and how we can help you be a blessing in your chapter! I've been helping Greeks get closer to God for years, starting in college leading a Bible study for my Gamma Phi Beta sisters. Sign up and I'll be in touch soon with more info on how to get connected!
This year has been super challenging! But Greeks from across Louisiana have come up with creative ways to help their chapters stay connected. We have resources to help you lead via Zoom, as well as ideas to keep meeting in person safely.